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Scrum Master role and interactions with other positions

In Agile organizations, the role of Scrum Master is accepted as a coach not only of the Development team but also of all other positions and roles in the organization.

This fact should come as no surprise as one of the responsibilities of the Scrum Master role is to train everyone around in Scrum practices and Agile thinking. Reference: What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Master role,

In this article we describe sample scenarios in which different people from the organization ask questions related to the integration of new Scrum processes in product development.

Christine Peterson, Project Manager

Can I keep my current role as project manager and not participate in Scrum roles?

In Scrum there is no role of a project manager, the roles here mostly determine the type of work that will be performed and the type of responsibilities that will be taken, so accept it as a secondary specialization that will more clearly define expectations and obligations. you. Scrum visualizes all the tasks and stages of product development on the way to achieving the desired end result, so you will maintain your control and full awareness of the various related activities and will be able to give feedback and help in problematic situations in a timely manner.

Peter James, technical manager

I don’t see Scrum supporting my role. What will this mean for my career in our company?

In Scrum, technical managers have their important place, their role in this system is that of developers or developers who are responsible for completing specific tasks, which in turn fits perfectly into your job description and does not change it. Scrum does not change your position or eliminate your opportunities for professional development in the company, but defines your tasks and place in the overall work process, which will be visually presented in the most transparent way to achieve full transparency and control over all processes, on which the completion of the product within optimal time limits and efficient consumption of resources depends.

Marina Volenko, graphic designer

Do I have to take part in the events that are being talked about? I’m a designer and I don’t see the point in attending meetings that don’t concern our design. If I have to participate in these modern introductions, I can easily find a job in another company.

Every innovative and prosperous company is oriented towards the introduction of modern organizational systems, including Scrum, to increase its results, be it financial or related to improving the working environment. The change should not bother you, it will not be related to the imposition of completely unfamiliar responsibilities for you, or overload with overtime work, but aims to create the most efficient and easy processes that will benefit everyone. In Scrum, you will have the role of a product developer, your tasks will be clearly planned and visually presented, and you will be able to see the obvious connection with the work of other development teams to achieve a finished product and the important place of your work in the overall work process. , on which you will be able to have your important impact. You will attend the Daily meeting and will present your important work in front of the entire Scrum team. Reference:

Sylvester Cooper, programmer

I don’t understand exactly how Scrum will improve our work. Can you give simple explanations?

Scrum aims to achieve significant optimization of the processes in the development of a product, presenting at any time in an understandable way all the open problems and work tasks that must be completed before moving to the next stage in the work on our product, eliminating as many possible problems and oversights as possible, and help in problem areas that will be visible due to the completely transparent approach to work. Reference: Professional Scrum Master vs Professional Scrum Developer,

This will eliminate many of the delays, oversights, misunderstandings, and omissions that often hinder projects when they are caught in the final phase of development, instead of in its operational phases, where control and opportunities for adaptation and correction are greatest and easily applicable.

Kate Jamieson, Senior Public Relations Expert

I am very excited about integrating Scrum into our work and I can’t wait to get started. Can anyone tell me what and how I will do exactly?

Your role in Scrum can be that of a product owner, or a representative of those interested in the effectiveness and characteristics of our products, namely our customers, company owners, shareholders and all those for whom the proper communication of product aspects and its development to the result they need is of organic importance. Reference: Scrum Master role and issues related to the team and project work,

The role in Scrum does not change your job description, but it will make it easier for you to perform your previous tasks, having the advantage of access to constantly updated information and control over product development, thanks to the principle of Scrum transparency and constant feedback from stakeholders. persons, which will actually lead to adjustments and adaptations of the final product, and it is done in a timely manner.

Barbara Jordan, Advertising Manager

I read a bit about Scrum and would like to be appointed to the Product Owner position. Please answer if my request will be granted.

Scrum roles do not change your employment contracts, they are not job positions, but organizational roles that aim to define the responsibilities of employees for a project. In your role as the owner of a product, such as the advertising manager, you will protect the interest of all stakeholders, be it customers, owners, shareholders, employees, to ultimately have a quality final product that best meets the current and real searches, and can be effectively advertised without exaggeration, but with reliable information that will be not only attractive, but also realistic and misleading, and presented in the most appropriate way.

Stephen Martin, Project Coordinator

I would like to participate in Scrum roles as Project Owner. I do not mind fulfilling all my current duties, as well as being assigned new ones, which I would gladly learn and master.

In Scrum, there is a role of product owner, but not of the project itself. As the owner of the product you can protect the interests of customers, owners, shareholders, employees – all who are interested in the product to be maximally financially efficient, meet expectations and meet the needs with its characteristics. Another option is to be a scrum master, who generally takes care to work according to the values ​​and practices of scrum, and creates the necessary organization for effective communication between all scrum roles, but this will require additional training, of course.

Fred Morris, head of quality control

I would like to join the Scrum team as a Quality Master, or something like that if possible.

Your role in the Scrum system will be that of the developer or product developer, ie you will be responsible, as before, for the characteristics of the product related to its compliance with certain principles and values, but you will be part of the team responsible for the final stage of the product and the intermediate tests of the same. In the Scrum system, you will be able to connect your tasks with those of the other teams, and you will have constant visibility and the opportunity to intervene in the processes if they affect your direct responsibilities at any time, and not even at the end-product level when there will be little late or too complicated to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the target quality level.

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