Why use Scrum in your organization and project?

What do you think are all the possible reasons for an organization to decide to include Scrum in its production processes?

  • Reduce the time for the production process and faster delivery of a working product to consumers and customers
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieving higher quality products
  • Flexibility and fast ability to innovate
  • Raising the self-confidence and motivation of employees
  • Better and quality satisfaction of consumer/customer needs
  • Greater transparency in processes
  • Easier adaptation to changes of any nature
  • Stimulates the creativity of employees
  • Opportunity to complete more complex projects, Reference: https://www.mu7club.com/

What do you think are all the possible reasons for an organization to deliberately not decide to include Scrum in its production processes?

The Scrum methodology may not be appropriate for the organization’s goals, processes, or production
It may require a complete transformation in the organization, which is currently not desirable
It can be difficult to integrate with classic project management
Requires in-depth and continuous (self) training
It does not offer a fixed deadline for the completion of the project
The desire for control by senior management, Reference: https://customer-service-us.com/

What do you think are all the possible difficulties of the organization (at the top management level) in the implementation of Scrum?

Providing transparent and understandable communication on the topic to every employee in the company
To motivate people and explain why the implementation of Scrum is in their favor
To give a personal example of applying the Scrum methodology, Reference: https://www.powerhp.net/
Organizing meaningful and self-sufficient smaller teams
Allocating additional budget and time for team training
To “let go” of control and leave the teams to self-organize, be creative, and have freedom and time to experiment
To be open to changes of all kinds, especially unplanned and unforeseen
Yes “think outside the box”
Listen to suggestions and consult regularly on ideas for improving work processes coming from teams and employees, and in general from within the organization, not from outside (consultants and third parties)

It is difficult to list all the possible reasons for the 3 questions above. It is important to note that Scrum is flexible and its implementation depends on the nature of the organization and the processes taking place in it, as well as the desire and motivation of its employees, from the highest to the lowest level in the hierarchy. The methodology itself is based on adaptive and short-term planning methods and trial and error to achieve more recent success. We cannot plan and anticipate all possible difficulties, but we can be creative and flexible in overcoming them.

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