Introducing the project manager to the development team

Thank you all for your time and attention today. I know that you are all involved in many tasks, so my goal is to tell you a little about myself, because none of you know me and to know a little about each of you.

I believe that in order to continue working together and effectively, we need to know each other and be able to rely on our strengths and weaknesses as a team in the future looking to our ultimate goal.

My goal as a project manager

The ultimate goal is success for all, so in my role at the moment I intend to communicate with everyone, both with you and with customers as one.

The institution I come from is very large and I have had the opportunity to work with many people and teams on various tasks. The processes were often very cumbersome and difficult to implement on time, as there were always many people involved, with different understandings, not knowing each other, and unwillingness to work together. I think this is a major problem in every task we face and whether it is a project or something else it does not lead to good results.

The lack of one language between all countries leads to many negatives, which is why I will try to be the common language between all of us here and all on the outside.

It may sound naive, but I think that if we understand each other, if we talk often if we share transparently all the pros, cons, problems, etc. we will all feel at ease. My role is to be by all of you and to communicate adequately with all of you so that if we find difficulties we can find a solution for them together. We all know how important deadlines are for every single thing, for which not a small resource in the form of money is allocated, and behind it, there are many wishes and demands, sometimes clear, sometimes not so clear.

For this reason, I have already contacted our clients, with whom we agreed that in addition to monthly meetings to clear everything, we will have many opportunities if necessary to organize more live meetings, we will meet them, and I will I constantly update you with information in case you do not have it.

I will provide personal contacts to both them and you, because considering how much time and effort we will spend together every day, I have always believed and continue to do so that we are a family, as we often spend more time than with loved ones. your out of work.

I suggest that we meet every week to discuss any issues, we can be divided into smaller groups depending on the tasks of each project and, if necessary, to organize a two-week joint meeting between all.

The project manager is not your boss

I am not your boss, but I will be very positive and happy to be guided by each other, to learn from each other and to be open to each other, because that way everyone will do their job with more pleasure.

I will also communicate with my colleagues from HR for a certain period of time, if they wish to assist in organizing team building, because we will have fun and work. In case there is no budget for this, I will take over the organization, and I will consolidate with you the possibilities of all and additional details.

Our clients are nice and young people, like us, who even if they don’t know what they want, we are the people who have to help them with experience and speaking to see the whole picture, so in the end, there will be no dissatisfaction that we are not job done and we resent that they do not know what they want.

The Senior management and the project managers’ power

I know about the problems that arose some time ago and about the difficulties in everyday life, there are retired colleagues that I do not know. I also met the previous project manager – a colleague who has already left, with whom you also had difficulties. I know all this from our program manager, who you may assume does not pay attention to the situation, but I assure you the opposite is true. Please familiarize yourself with the difference between the project manager and program manager here. Since I am not part of the senior management of our organization, and I can only escalate problems, not solve them.

In my previous work, this was a major problem that no one enters the other’s shoes and thinks he is not turning. attention, for this reason he does not want to talk to anyone else and stubbornly continues as far as possible. However, this is not an option. I do not have as much technical experience, which I am sure you will help me learn, and if you allow me I will recreate another type of environment and I will also teach you another type of relationship and communication.

Now I will be happy for each of you to tell a little about yourself and if you all agree with me to continue on a new curve together and positively.

Published by Anton Radev

Front-End Web Developer

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